Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Wall Quilt

Jenny of elefantz gave away these wonderful BOM designs to create a quilt. I found her blog sometime in March and was completely hooked by the serenity of the designs. 2012 was a year of introspection and revelation for me.

The idea of putting verses inside the floral framework was a spiritual journey of love, hope and prayer for my family. In the mad rush of staying on top of everything we often lose sight of the path. We make mistakes that we never intended to make. But life has its way to remind us that we cannot always plan and control our destiny and that comes as an eye opener.

Creating the designs with my favorite quotes brought a sense of beauty, calmness, and healing that has ultimately strengthened my humility.

 I have deviated somewhat in the structure of the quilt too. Here is where I have talked about the other aberrations.  I lack the accuracy of a true quilter but finally putting this together as a wall quilt for my home has made me very happy.

 On a technical note - the quarter inch foot and stitch in the ditch foot has saved my life!

Once again Thank You Jenny from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Thank you for your comment:) Had to come and have a peep at your quilt, and it is gorgeous. I love the way you have chosen your own quotes. Jenny's lovely quilt pattern is so open to many interpretations:)

  2. Hi Happygirl!
    I love your version of the quilt. The quotes that you chose are wonderful and I love the font that you used.
    Great idea to make it into a wall quilt that way you will see it each and every day.