Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harnessing the power of OM

I had this in my wishlist for ages. Finally when I saw my best friend Jasbir's blog post about the benefits of yoga, I knew I should not put off this project any longer. Also I was visiting my dd and thought this would make a good holiday gift for her.

I wanted a lined bag (because I cannot stand exposed seams) with a good sized pocket and Nigella's pattern was logical and easy. However it is slightly short in length for my liking. With a little bit of embroidery (Om was very important for me I had it in my file since 2008 just for this purpose!) the bag has turned out quite nice and most of all my dd likes it.
So my dd march on towards a new year and overcome the obstacles and distractions of life with ease and grace.


  1. What a beautiful yoga bag! You picked some lovely fabrics to use & your machine embroidery design is just perfect.
    Thank you for the link to the free pattern. I've bookmarked it for 'after Christmas" sewing.
    I have a single "OM" design in my m. emb. files, (it is labeled "Namaste") but it is not surrounded by the beautiful paisley designs you have. It is lovely!

    1. Ok this is interesting. I think you probably have the same Om file that I have. The surrounding designs are from BFC Creations - http://www.bfc-creations.com/Designs1100/1129PaisleyParade/index.shtml that I have put together. The surrounding frame is from Pattistudio and a free one. Just do not remember the exact one. Here is her site - http://www.oregonpatchworks.com/collections.php?id=PCS

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and post. I like all of the designs. I think I would like the OM. I think that was the name. so many and got a bit mixed up. Thanks again.