Saturday, September 24, 2011

My love for line art continues...

One of my previous digitizing class was creation of simple line design and using the technique of copy and paste to create a juxtaposed look in a contrasting color. While the first line art started at the bottom and finished at the top, the process of copy and paste created a huge jump stich  when I pasted the design. I was able to exchange the start and end position to create the final version thus eliminating the jump stitch.The lesson also involved using a color stop, deleting the stop,changing color, changing stitch type, working with different designs, and understanding parameter settings.

 On one of my recent trips to Quebec city I was lucky to get hold of a book by Vale'rie Caterin -
L'atelier de Lilie. It is full of beautiful art work suitable for redwork embroidery.
Here is one that I have digitized. 

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