Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rendition of my individual expression

Today is 'Panchami', the fifth day of Navaratri. Durga Puja starts tomorrow, on the sixth day. Since the Austin community is small, we celebrate this festival over the weekend because the celebration depends on the availability of the rental hall, which is booked far in advance and cannot always coincide with the exact date. However, we always manage to celebrate somewhat in the proximity of the auspicious calendar. It is our attempt to unite as a part of a bigger family, to pass on to our kids our heritage, and to spend a day in merry making.

Personally, I do not miss the Puja so much, but I miss the excitement of the days and months of preparation in anticipation of this big day. My Ma would spend days planning, designing and shopping for fabrics, laces and buttons. She would stay up late in order to finish new clothes for all four sisters (we had a new dress to wear everyday for all four days of puja, and sometimes one for the morning and another for night). The house was scrubbed and cleaned, all furniture dusted and realigned. Finally, on the morning of ''panchami, we would put up our clean sets of curtains, heirloom table and bed linens; all created so lovingly by my great grandmother and aunts, carefully preserved over the years. The house would dazzle with the fresh new look. Every year this was our ritual. I feel dizzy thinking about it, and the nostalgia drives my creativity.

Here is my rendition of my individual expression.

Finger towels - A freebie from
                              Bath towel set - Endless Elegance from

Patio cushions - combination of freebie and designs from