Monday, November 21, 2011

Bunnies in my yard

Last year, we moved into our new house before the landscaping was complete. Our yard was lacking in shrubs and flowers, and I could not bear the thought of wasting the beautiful summer sunshine so I planted a small watermelon plant which eventually grew to take over the entire garden area. A little jack rabbit found his way to our unkempt garden, and selected a watermelon, taking breaks to nibble on the fruit as it ran around the house all day. He had the discipline to return to the same watermelon every day, leaving the remaining melons for us to enjoy! This summer he has returned once again, this time accompanied by a family of 5 cute jack rabbit children.
This draft was written and the embroidery was completed early this summer. However, I kept procrastinating on the mitered border, which would add the finishing touch to the project. This was mainly due to my lack of confidence about the process of mitering.
Finally, I found this excellent tutorial that has tips on precise measurements that never let you go wrong. With a little bit more practice, which could mean more placemats or more pillowcases, I will master this technique. And guess what - the ruler that I had been using for so many years also had the 45 degree angle  marked which I had never noticed before!
This is a medley of designs from Dainty Stitches, and lots of freebies from different sites collected over the years.