Monday, February 13, 2012

Roses - symbol of love and beauty

The roses that survived the parching summer of 2011 are  now in full bloom, creating an appealing spot of color palette in the midst of grey winter. Coincidentally, my Amazon book order of 'The embroidery of Roses' has also arrived. Snapshots of these beautiful flowers have inspired me to create a series on digitized rose gardens inside the house.

Love is in the air!
I want the world to know that my creation of beautiful blooms is my token of love and affection for you my dear valentine ... to honor our beginning and our journey together.
Besame Mucho!


  1. thank you happygirl!

  2. Wow! Your stitching is perfect. Is this hand embroidery or machine embroidery? (You have tagged it as machine embroidery.) When I first saw the photo, I thought it is a photo from the book. Your work is just the same. I can't take my eyes off.

    I have this book too and have written a review of the book on my blog. I too like to use this design on a pillow cover. Well, it might be one of my future projects.

    1. Yes, this is machine embroidered. The design has been digitized in parts using my PSW 2.0 software and stitched with Singer XL6000.
      Thanks for looking.

  3. Stunning Work, beautiful roses.