Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A gift for my daughter

When my dd first moved out of the house to go to college dorm, I promised to make her a robe. I leafed through several sewing catalogues to find a pattern, waited for the 99 cents sale and finally bought one. Then the 50% off fleece sale came through and I rushed to the store. I also called her from the store to find out what was her color preference. Not to mention, this was all within the last two weeks of her homestay before leaving for college. I studied the pattern in detail and cut out the pieces for her size. Then, suddenly, the project lost steam and the fleece was wrapped up in plastic bag and sat amongst my ever increasing pile of fabric. Every time my dd came home she asked me if I had started working on the robe and every time I replied 'I will, as soon as I can get my life together', but trivial things and silly excuses kept me pushing off the project.
Meanwhile, I even bought more robe patterns that were not even vastly different from the existing ones. I bought more fabrics too.
Pattern used

Then the day arrived when she graduated from college and moved on to grad school in a different state. The robe was still not done and the fleece stared at my face - and I occasionally glanced at the fleece with a twinge of guilt - a guilt not for making the gift but for allowing myself to bound by my compulsive obsession that eventually choked my stimulus. (Am I being too harsh on myself?)

Piles of fabric filled boxes occupying my master closet were a sure testament to my compulsive hoarding nature. I had a project in mind with every single one of these fabrics yet I never got around doing most of them. What was once a source of inspiration was now a source of constant anguish. Every single one of them was so precious that I felt I would scar them if I cut through them  - so they languished in the boxes smelling of mothballs.
All over the internet people have been de-stashing by opening up sales and giveaways. I was ready to de-stash too, but not ready to part with my fabrics, at least not yet.
Deep breath, one day at a time, one goal at a time is my motto now. So what if I never reach the finish line? Someday I will be close to it, so in the meantime let me enjoy this journey!
My dd said  'I could have bought one long time ago, but have been waiting for you to make me one'.
I could not procrastinate any more - I pulled out the fleece and the pattern. Of course it had to have some embroidery too, I needed to add my signature. At least this time I did not try to create my own embroidery design I used one from myembroideries.com.

With love I present to my dear daughter -

Close up
A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of herself.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Hi Happy Girl :-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.
    About machine stitching the BOM blocks - I am happy to give permission if this is only for yourself, ok? :-)
    God bless!

    1. Thank you Jenny,
      yes it will be strictly for myself.

  2. Oh Jenny...you are after my heart. I have done the exact same thing....but maybe worse...with my grandaughter's curtains for her nursery. She is 2 1/2 and my daughter hangs a baby quilt to block the sun shining in. They have purchased another home and will be moving in June. So I will have them done. I have spent a fortune on these "curtains" as I keep coming up with new ideas and designs that I "could" do. Daughter has been pretty grouchy about it. We don't talk about it anymore. She kept saying....I could buy some! So, I totally understand your robe....but I would say that it was worth the wait!!