Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A sneak peek of my upcoming class

This weekend my focus was on exploring the Draw tool in PSW2.0. I wanted to create 'clean line' or true vector images and use a mix of auto and manual punch to digitize them. My first thought was to create an embossed monogram for fabrics with pile or nap. This was easy enough with the use of the complex fill tool that also allows for "holes" to be inserted in the design. I was quite pleased with the final 3D effect.
My next thought was to overlay a lightly filled backdrop to showcase letters with thin column stitches that would otherwise get lost in the nap. This created a dainty effect versus a more bold effect of the embossed design."Hers" is a freebie from Sewweird newsletter.

 In the hoop, patchwork quilt is another option since the Draw tool allows clear cut shapes that can be digitized automatically. Applique patches would be yet another option. There are so many other creative possibilities whirling in my head I can barely keep my thoughts straight.

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