Thursday, July 12, 2012

Until I find my own words...

There is an unspoken balance
time has clearly explained
between what I've lost over the years
and all that I have gained...

Every trait that I surrender
as I slowly "lose" my youth
is replaced with a life's lesson;
traded for...
a Simple Truth.

I am the product of my years;
they have created what is me.
And every day that I have lived
has made me who I want to be.

Each person I have known or loved
is a part of who I am today.
Each left me something in my life;
each helped me find my way.

I've heard it said, "If I knew then
everything that I know now..."
But we are taught at the proven pace
that time...and life...will both allow.

These truths I've learned
from things I've done
and places that I have been...
what I'd give to take them back with me
and live my life again. 
An excerpt from
Simple Truths of Life
by Linda Ellis 

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